Michigan is known for its numerous lakes and rivers throughout the entire state.  As a solo canoeist, I seek quiet waters without motorboats or personal watercrafts.  Of course, I desire the silence and solitude as much as anyone else, but on the contrary, this sense of being is readily available to me as a totally deaf person.  However, I delight in places that feel safe to me where I can take in fresh air and nature without constantly worrying about not hearing something motorized roaring my way. 

The McGuffins, at one of their presentations, remarked that their renowned photographs taken around Lake Superior were in essence their back yard.  They encouraged the audience to look in our own backyards as well, thus reducing our carbon footprint.  While the shorelines and deep woods of Lake Superior is absolutely beautiful, there is beauty to be found even in the populous southeast Michigan. 

Many of my family and friends wonder how we manage to find the time to canoe several evenings a week.  While my husband and I have two cars, our personal philosophy is to take the smallest car needed for the trip.  Since he rides his bike to work most spring, summer, and fall days of the year, I take our little Toyota to my work or on errands.  The rack (yes, with the smiley tennis balls on the ends) on our Subaru Outback stays on top most of the year and is essentially our “canoe car.”  Our lifejackets, canoe pads and paddles (and extra clothes during the colder months) waits in our mud room and are ready to go at a moment’s notice.  I also bought a dog pack to place it over the thwart of my canoe for carrying my camera in a waterproof case, a first-aid kit, including salt to rid of leeches, and a water bottle.  It has a handle and is easy to take out the door as well.

Each page of this blog will include specific quiet water, a lake or river, we have visited.  I will be noting features of each lake or river by season and this may be periodically updated.  However, this is my personal journal, therefore persons accessing this information assume full responsibility for the use of the information and understand that I am not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage arising from the use of this information.

                       Take only pictures; leave only ripples.


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  1. Barney and Karen Says:

    Have you explored the Huron River above Ann Arbor, especially in Island Lake Rec. Area and the river between Proud Lake Rec. Area and Kent Lake? Very little (if any) boat traffic. Excellent scenery with decent water quality and wild life viewing and very little development.

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